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These leading brands harness Equeco to power their Google Ads campaigns

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Deliver on your business goals

Accurately track sales and revenue within Google Ads.

Align your bidding strategy with your business objectives.

Boost your campaigns performance

Grow your reach with automated audience and keyword targeting.

Stand out with smart ads and extensions.

A Marketing Powerhouse at a fraction of the cost

Benefit 10 years of R&D and constant new releases to stay ahead.

Trust our first-class consultants to make the most of your media budget.

Farmatodo uses Equeco to decrease their CPA

"Thanks to Equeco, we were able to save 60% on our cost per acquisition within just 6 months. We simply connected our existing shopping feed, and Equeco automatically optimized our campaigns and improved performance."

Ivan Mauricio Blanco Rincón
Performance Marketing Manager

Ayenda uses Equeco for search and display ads to increase conversions.

"Our Google Ads conversions grew six-fold, at constant CPA, since adopting Equeco a year ago. Equeco is instrumental in helping us exceed our ambitious growth targets by automatically advertising our new inventory."

Alejandra Iregui
Head of Guest Acquisition

Vio uses Equeco for search ads to grow conversions.

"We initially measured +35% incrementality in our conversions with the Equeco platform, we look forward to adding more markets and new Equeco features to significantly grow our partnership."

Sasha Sivova
Search Marketing Specialist

Hoteles City uses Equeco for search and display ads to increase ROAs.

"Equeco helped increase our Search Ads ROAs by +80% within just a month. Equeco is key to our diversification strategy by growing our search marketing channel revenue."

Paulina Mendoza
Chief Marketing Officer

Viajala uses Equeco to maximize its Gross Profit on Search and Display Ads

"Equeco was key to grow Viajala paid traffic from 0 to 2M monthly users making Google Paid our largest channel in terms of net revenue. The automation aspects of Equeco enables Viajala to operate with no marketing ops team and no agency."

Thomas Allier

Dailybot uses Equeco to maximize its Conversions on Search Ads and Performance Max

"Since implementing Equeco, we’ve seen our conversions grow by an impressive 277%, while our cost per conversion has decreased by 64%. We appreciate the level of support we’ve received from the Equeco team, who have been responsive and helpful throughout the entire onboarding process."

Mauricio Morales
Founder & CEO
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