Better Targeting, Ads and Performance across Paid Search, Social and Display

Leading OTAs and travel metasearch companies harness the Equeco Marketing Automation Platform to get ahead.

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These leading brands harness Equeco's automation to drive user growth.

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Reach more customers with Social and Display Ads

Leverage your inventory and first-party data to advertise the right property to the right audience on Facebook Ads and the Google Display Network.

Ad Copy Templates
Dynamic Ads Elements
Fully Automated
Catalog Based

Free Google Hotel Search Connectivity

List your properties on the largest hotel search engine, at no extra cost.

Google Hotel Search
Google Maps
Free Booking Clicks
Google Hotel Campaigns

Search Ads done 10x better

Leverage real user query data to laser-target the right keywords with the right ads.

Ad Copy Templates
Custom Campaign Structure
Fully Automated
Keyword-URL mapping
Query Based Keywords

Viajala uses Equeco to maximize its Gross Profit on Search and Display Ads

"Equeco was key to grow Viajala paid traffic from 0 to 2M monthly users making Google Paid our largest channel in terms of net revenue. The automation aspects of Equeco enables Viajala to operate with no marketing ops team and no agency."

Thomas Allier

Vio uses Equeco for search ads to grow conversions.

"We initially measured +35% incrementality in our conversions with the Equeco platform, we look forward to adding more markets and new Equeco features to significantly grow our partnership."

Sasha Sivova
Search Marketing Specialist