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Improve your campaign performance and brand recognition by displaying your logo alongside your ads on Google.

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Inserting your business name and logo into your campaigns can help you build brand recognition and improve click-through rates. This ad extension is valuable for all campaign types, but especially beneficial for search campaigns, as it introduces a brand-new visual component.

Logo requirements:

  • The logo should match the advertised business and should be consistent for a given domain name
  • Aspect ratio: Square (1x1)
  • Image resolution: 1200x1200 (recommended); 128x128 (min)
  • File formats: PNG, JPG; Maximum file size: 5120 KB
  • Compatibility with both light and dark mode
  • Recommended image safe area: Put your important content in the center, 80% of the image.

The logo should resemble a favicon for optimal display at a small size. This means it should:

  • Focus solely on the graphic element. Omit any text, as it will become illegible at a reduced scale.
  • Prioritize clarity and simplicity. The icon should be instantly recognizable even when displayed very small.

Icon with text 🔴


Icon without text ✅

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