Equeco's Comprehensive Guide to Google's Consent Mode

From March 1, 2024, Google adjusts EEA and UK online traffic measurement. Equeco explains and offers solutions.

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What is changing?

Because of regulations in this region, Google is changing how it tracks user behavior, like how effectively ads work (conversions) and which ads to show users later (retargeting). These changes depend on whether users choose to allow cookies or not.

The scenarios are:

If consent mode is not implemented:

Conversion tracking and retargeting will no longer work for clicks occurring in the EEA and the UK.

If consent mode is implemented:

If the user accepts the cookie: the user is tracked normally.

However, if the user does not accept the cookie, the individual user behavior is no longer tracked, and there will be no personalized conversion tracking or ads. Google will apply models that ‘backfill’ conversion data and diminish the negative effect on reported performance.

How do I implement consent mode?

Here is the documentation Google provided. If you use:

Some options for implementation are:

For more information, Google’s ads liaison shared this very clear recap:

Ginny Marvin on LinkedIn: Updates to consent mode for traffic in European Economic Area (EEA)

Please reach out to your Equeco team directly if you have any questions.

Other advertising platforms

Other platforms will implement change relative to consent mode.